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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoes

September 25, 2010

I made a discovery yesterday afternoon. A discovery that leaves me hanging my head as I shuffle my way in embarrassment towards the Bad Blogger Stockades.

Remember these shoes? These wonderfully fabulous shoes?  These shoes which, when they arrived in April, made me a member of the Sisterhood of the Traveling shoes?

Yeah, those shoes. I found them yesterday, buried in the debris field that is my closet floor. Hidden under a crumpled pile of out-of-season clothes and assorted footwear, these fun & flirty shoes spent the summer neglected and forgotten.

I’m not an organized person, and the Frantic-and-Frenzied-Gather-and-Stash is my usual method of cleaning up before having company over. I’ve been known to shove dirty dishes in my oven, to stash unfolded laundry back in the dryer, and to race around the house with a laundry basket collecting clutter…which then gets unceremoniously dumped in the general direction of my bedroom closet.

Which, more than likely, explains the sad fate of the Traveling Shoes.

I need to express my apologies to Diane, who started these shoes off on their journey, as well as to Christie, Thelma, and Alana Jo, who are also a part of the shoes’ sisterhood.  I am so very sorry to have kept these shoes in one place for such an embarrassingly long period of time.

The fact that these shoes were due to move on to the next sister back in May — and it’s now September — is unforgivable.

The fact that they’ve spent the summer months forgotten in the disaster zone that is my closet floor is, in all complete honesty, pathetic.

: : : : :

Last night my husband and I enjoyed a much-needed date night, so I wore the shoes out one final time.  Today they are settled safely in a box, ready to be shipped out to the next member to join the sisterhood.  I’m going to e-mail those who entered way back in May, to verify that they’d still like to be included in the drawing, and will be opening this giveaway up to anyone else who may be interested in joining in on the fun.

: : : : :

If you’d like to join The Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoes, all you have to do to enter is:

1. Leave me a comment below by Friday, October 1st, telling me one place you’d wear these shoes if you were to win.
2. Leave a comment letting me know that you either referred friends or other bloggers here, and/or put a link to the shoe’s adventures on your blog, for additional entries (optional).

I’ll be randomly picking a name the morning of Saturday, October 2nd, and the shoes will head off to the next Shoe Sister early the following week!

: : : : :

Guidelines for the Traveling Shoes

1. The shoes are size 9…but since they’re open toe and slip-on, those with feet a size or so smaller can still join in.
2. While you are wearing the shoes, you will want to take pictures and blog about some of your adventures in the shoes.
3. At the end of 30 days, hold a giveaway on your blog to keep the shoes traveling!
4. Link to the previous members of the Sisterhood so that everyone can follow the past travels of the shoes as they continue to circumnavigate the globe!

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  1. September 29, 2010 12:07 pm

    that’s a pretty neat idea. I’m moving to atlanta so I’d wear them exploring the city with my son. at least to the aquarium.

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