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Why I’m Getting White Hairs…or the saga of Shane’s foot.

July 14, 2010

I apologize in advance…this got long!

Over the past several days Ive been discovering countless white hairs sticking straight up from my hairline.  Coarse, crinkly white hairs, standing like beacons of stress…and I’m blaming each and every one of them all on my son.

Saturday evening was spent in the ER.
Monday afternoon was spent in the office of an orthopedic surgeon.

Shane & I spent Saturday morning visiting with my extended family.  He spent the day running with his cousins, digging in the sandbox, chasing balls and pushing himself around on a little tricycle. He couldn’t wind down enough to nap while we were there, but conked right out on the drive home

Once home, I was able to move him from his car seat to my bed without waking him, and he napped for about another hour or so.  And then he woke up. Screaming.

I just assumed he was freaking out because he woke in our bed, rather than in his own. Shane was sitting in the middle of the bed when I stepped into the room, and he reached out to me, still sobbing.

So we snuggled together on the couch while his sobs gradually turned to hiccups. Soon he scrambled down off my lap, turned to head towards Daddy…and collapsed.

He whimpered a bit, pulled himself up to standing again, took another step, and down he went.

At first we just assumed that his foot had fallen asleep, and he was feeling that numbness that’s followed by pins & needles. But he kept trying to walk, and kept dropping to the floor.

He wasn’t in agony, but was obviously feeling some discomfort and pain, and would point to the bottom of his foot and mutter “big boo-boo” when asked what hurt.

We waited a bit, waited for the feeling to come back into his foot…but soon realized that it was something more. I gave him a dose of children’s Motrin, and called the pediatrician’s office to speak to whoever was on call.

Her advice was to take him right to the ER…which had me in a complete and utter panic.  I don’t have a history of handling even minor “emergencies” well…so I was a fluttering, babbling mess as I quickly packed a bag with toys and books and other necessities.

We get the the ER, are evaluated by the triage nurse, then checked into a room and see another nurse.  Shane still won’t walk on that foot.  The nurse settles him on with Shrek on the TV and a few toy trucks, and we waited for the doctor.

But by the time the doctor saw us, Shane was taking some tentative, lurching steps.
And by the time the technicians arrived for his x-ray, Shane was limping determinedly all over the exam room.

The x-rays didn’t show anything wrong, and the diagnosis was that he probably just twisted his ankle slightly, or was experiencing some severe growing pains.

So Sunday was a relatively normal day. Spent time outdoors. Worked in the garden, played in the yard. After dinner the three of us walked to the elementary school and burned off some excess energy on the playground. Shane was running from one end of the structure to the other, climbing up ladders and slides, and leaping off platforms.

And then, Monday morning, his pediatrician’s office called.  Someone had reviewed his x-ray again, and discovered a fracture in his foot, a buckle fracture (the bone is basically compressed or bent in one area but not broken through).

She set up an appointment for us that very afternoon with a local orthopedic surgeon. Cue the panic.  My head was spinning…does this mean he’ll have to have a cast — in the midst of summer?  Does this mean…surgery?!

We arrived at the doctor’s office, and waited forever.  Shane quickly lost interest in the coloring book and toys I had brought along, and eventually I had to bring him out in the hallway where he ran around to his heart’s content.  When finally lead into an exam room, Shane ran happily ahead of us, then stopped short in front of the room, did an about-face, and darted back down the hallway shrieking “No doctor!  NO!”

The doctor reviewed the x-rays, examined Shane, and watched as he moved around the little room – at one point Shane was climbing up onto a little step stool and leaping off, shouting “hooray” with every jump.

The plan is to just let it heal.  It’s not causing Shane any pain or slowing him down in the least.  The doctor created a splint that forms to Shane’s foot & leg, and if he seems as though he’s experiencing any discomfort, then we’ll put that on him.  He did ask – with a laugh as he watched my son scurry around the exam room – that we try to keep him quiet, but acknowledged that probably won’t be possible. If he’s showing any pain or tenderness in two weeks, or if he’s limping or otherwise favoring that foot, then we’re to come back and reevaluate the situation, but it looks as though there won’t be any lasting problems.

Two and a half and he has his first broken bone.  Do you see now why I’m finding more and more white hairs?  They’re throwing out the surrender sign already!

Shane had to wear the splint home from the doctor's, just so that it could form to his foot. Luckily, he hasn't had to wear it since.

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  1. July 14, 2010 11:26 am

    Thanks for sharing – sometimes just that act alone can help release some stress. Looks like the little guy is quite the trooper.

    Like you, I’m a mess when it comes to anything going wrong with my kids. The oldest is pretty tame, but the 2 yo is a wild child. He had 4 bloody noses just learning to walk! I’m thinking a broken bone and trips to the ER are in our future, too. Hope I can keep it together as well as you did!

  2. July 14, 2010 4:59 pm

    Poor Shane, Poor you…
    Three kids aged 12, 10 and 7 and we have narrowly avoided any trips to the ER so far (Touch wood) I cant imagine how scary it would be although it sounded like Shane was begining to walk around while he was waiting to be seen. I think we would all gladly bear any illness or pain rather than let our kids experience it but it sounds like he is bouncing back already…

  3. July 15, 2010 10:04 pm

    A friend of mine’s son jumped off the couch and broke his foot at about 2 years of age. And I thought for sure it would be Jonathan first. Let me tell you, though, you are so lucky that doctor took a second look at the x-ray. They would never do that where I live. The doctors here..especially in our ER are kind of morons. I hate to say it, but they are.

    Jonathan gives me gray hair just from all the crazy stuff he does…causing me to wait for him to break something!

  4. July 16, 2010 9:29 pm

    Poor little guy! I’m glad he’s recovering quickly (and I hope his foot heals up completely in no time).

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