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Recording the moments

February 21, 2010

When I was teaching preschool, there were two things that I found myself telling parents over and over again. Two things that had nothing to do with child development or preparing them for later education, but everything to do with cherishing who their children are in this moment. Over and over I’d advise, “write the little things down” and “get their voices on tape!”

As far as taking my own advice is concerned, I’m good at the writing things down part. I always find myself scrambling for a pen to jot down something amusing or amazing that Shane says or does. Notebooks and pads of paper are scattered everywhere — in the car, in the diaper bag, in random spots throughout our apartment — to record these little moments in time. And all too often, they wind up making great fodder for a blog post! 

But getting his little voice on tape is something I haven’t done. And every time I listen to his version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald, or Moon, Moon, Moon, I find myself wishing that the camcorder was charged and ready to go. I just made a promise to myself: as soon as I click “publish” for this entry, I’m going to dig out the camcorder, get it charged up, and start making more of a conscious effort to record these little moments.


Some recent “Shane-isms”:

• “Girdy ah-poo” = dirty diaper

• “Beep bops” = building blocks

• “Go-bop!” = a stop sign

• “Daddy O’s” = Raisin Bran (he calls his cereal, Cheerios, “O’s”.  My husband went through a Raisin Bran stage recently.  Hence, “Daddy O’s”)

• “Dump! Dump! Dump!” = what he chants while jumping up & down, usually on our bed.  A “dump dump house” is the bouncy house at a local play space.

PhotobucketShane “helps” put away groceries by gathering up all the boxes to use as “big beep bops.” 


• He refers to himself as “Han.” Yes, Han…my little intergalactic rebel.

• He also named his teddy bear. Bear is now known as “Doh.” Yeah…  I have no idea why or how Bear ended up as Doh, but Doh it is.

• After getting out of the tub one night, Shane looked down at his wrinkled fingertips and exclaimed with horror: “Han broke!”

• When the snow cover started slowly melting away recently, exposing patches of lawns here and there, Shane was baffled by the changes. Peering out of the car window one evening, Shane saw a patch of grass illuminated in a street lamp. “Ooooh, Mama,” he exclaimed. “Green snow!”

• Ask Shane, “what does Daddy say,” and he’ll respond “Dude!”  Usually he’ll give a dramatic thumbs up at the same time. If you ask Shane, “what does mommy say,” he’ll sign I love you.  And then I melt, each and every time.


What do you do to keep track of little moments like these with your children?  Does anyone else have trouble remembering to actually use the camcorder, like I do?

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  1. February 21, 2010 5:16 pm

    Very true! It’s only as time goes by we can see how true that is. Our kids have changed accents since learning to speak in the UK and now living in australia. It’s so funny to hear the sounds of their voices from back then. It’s just too easy to forget.

  2. February 23, 2010 8:46 am

    I’ve been writing down these moments in my journal so I can remember them later….this is a great idea! Recording the moments! I’m glad you reminded us all to keep doing it! By the way, my first dog’s name was sheba too and she was 14 when she died. Weird, huh?

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